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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's next for Mergatroyd?

There are several plays in various states of production-worthiness percolating at Mergatroyd Productions:

JULIA & BUDDY - now a completed full-length play, is currently making the rounds of various producers & theatre companies. If it isn't picked up by early 2012 by another producer, Mergatroyd Productions will be doing a production in New York in Spring-Summer 2012.

PALMYRA NJ - the full-length play based losely on the youthful misadventures of playwright N. G. McClernan and her friends in the titular town. Another reading is happening this week.

MISTRESS ILSA - turns out this play was just ahead of the Occupy Wall Street curve. Ilsa's resting up after her summer adventures and looking at future possiblities.

LOVE, DEATH & CHRISTMAS - looking at a December 2012 production.